We no longer offer resized rings or final polishes & we're updating the website as quickly as we can
  • 10x7-16x12mm Sterling Silver Pear Side Accented Style Pre-Notched Ring Setting Size 6-8


    Elegant Pear Side Accented
    Fancy Pre-Notched Ring Setting
    In Solid 925 Sterling Silver

    Finger Size 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 & 8

    For (1) 10x7, 12x8, 13x9, 15x10 or 16x12mm Pear Faceted Gemstone
    And (2) 3mm Round Faceted or Diamond Cut Accents
    Use Well Proportioned Stones Only

    Gemstones NOT Included

    Most of our same sized calibrated gems will fit in this setting

    Custom resized rings will take about 7 days to ship and will come with the final polish
    Just set your stones and you're done!

    As with all of our settings, this ring setting is pre-notched for
    setting of your gemstone!