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  • 14kt Gold or Sterling Silver Oval Triplet Cabochon Pendant Dangle (8x6-12x10mm)


    Very Classy Oval Triplet Cabochon Dangle Setting
    In Solid Sterling Silver or 14k Yellow, Rose & White Gold
    ~Semi-Polished~ Use Well Proportioned Gems

    For an 8x6, 10x8 or 12x10mm Oval Triplet-Cut Cabochon Stones

    Sizes Available: 8x6, 10x8 & 12x10mm

    We have many gemstones, cz's and lab created stones for this setting
    ~Gemstone NOT Included~
    As with all of our settings, this pendant setting is pre-notched for 
    QUICK & EASY setting of your gemstone!

    FAQ : 
    What is a triplet opal? What is the difference between doublets, triplets, and solid opals? 

    Triplet opals and cabochons are partially man-made stones. These stones are slices of opal, or gemstone, glued to a black backing, designed to imitate the appearance of a solid black opal. Adhering the slice of opal to a black backing causes the color to become much darker and more vibrant. 

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