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  • Sterling Silver Mens Genuine 10mm Round Lab Blue Sapphire Heavy Gypsy Style Ring Size 7-14

    $329.00 $229.00

    Very Handsome Sterling Silver Gypsy Style Mens Ring
    With (1) 10mm AAA Round Faceted Lab Blue Sapphire

    Also Available in 10kt White Gold and 10kt Yellow Gold

    Mens Heavy Gypsy Style Ring
    Nice heavy weight ring with texturing will take a lot of wear

    Gem: AAA Lab Blue Sapphire
    Type: Natural
    Size: 10mm: Approximately 5 carats
    Moh's Hardness: 8

    We can set this stone into a 10kt yellow or white gold setting. We can also use a different gemstone for this setting. Please contact us for custom orders!

    This is a special order and will take 12-14 days to ship
    It cannot be returned.

    163-301 Set

    Shipping Includes Insurance & Tracking